Nathan Hui
Denis Huen

Noting the healthcare need of dementia patients is on the rise in an ageing population, young entrepreneurs Nathan Hui and Denis Huen founded the medical technology startup Medmind Technology Limited in 2018, aiming to use the interactive training and game platform NeuroGym developed in-house to help medical professionals and carers identify the elderly’s dementia symptoms for early intervention and cognitive training.
Before engaging in entrepreneurship, Nathan worked at an international psychiatric pharmaceutical company and became well-versed in dementia-related subjects. Noting also that many elderly centres still adopt age-old methods for dementia risk assessments and cognitive training, he contemplated using technology to improve results and the elderly’s acceptance.
Denis has been keen on harnessing technology to improve the daily life of people in need. He invented a mechanical prosthetic leg when he was in Form 6. He studied medical robotics in the UK. After returning to Hong Kong, he received grants from the SIE Fund for two projects, namely MedEXO Robotics and Wearable Robotic Device for Parkinson’s Disease, to improve the robotic arms he designed.
NeuroGym comes in several games and scenario settings, including mahjong, calligraphy, market and teahouse, for training on different cognitive abilities. Medmind is currently collaborating with many public and non-governmental organisations. The plan is to further promote NeuroGym to benefit more users, like people with mental illness and persons with special educational needs. They would also extend their connection, especially with the business sector from which they can learn the skills of business operations to avoid any possible blind spots arising from focusing too much on technology.


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