The SIE Fund engages intermediaries to help nurture budding social entrepreneurs and support innovative projects

In Hong Kong, there are already knowledgeable, experienced and credible practitioners in the social innovation field. Engaging some of these as “intermediaries” will enable the Fund to leverage their experience and networks to help find and nurture budding entrepreneurs who seek to innovate by integrating social impact into the businesses they create.

Through programmes designed and administered by the intermediaries, the SIE Fund provides funding and support to social entrepreneurs and innovative projects of different forms and at various stages of development (idea generation, prototype, start-up and scale-up).  The innovative ideas, products and services generated address social needs and deliver impact for preventing and alleviating poverty and social exclusion, promoting social integration and enhancing people’s well-being and cohesion of society.

Representatives of the Fund’s first batch of intermediaries appointed in 2015 share their views on SIE Fund and the development of the social innovation ecosystem:

  • Hoi-wai Chua, CEO of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service


  • K.K. Ling, Director of Design Institute for Social Innovation of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


  • Yvette Yeh Fung, Chair of The Yeh Family Philanthropy Limited


  • Darius Yuen, Founder of SOW (Asia) Foundation Ltd


Last revision date: 28 May 2020