Intermediaries' Programmes

The SIE Fund has engaged intermediaries to design and administer various programmes for the Fund's priority areas of Capacity Building and Innovative Programmes to nurture social entrepreneurs and support ventures of different forms and at various stages of development.


  • Individual programmes:

Good Seed | Nurturing Social Minds  

Good Seed

PolyU Technology and Consultancy Co Ltd


Objective: This is a unique programme jointly developed and organised by the Institute for Entrepreneurship and the Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Leveraging the expertise and resources of the University especially in the application of design, technology and business concepts, the programme aims to help students or alumni of higher education institutions unleash their innate ability for innovation and develop innovative ideas and creative solutions to tackle social problems and address the needs of the underprivileged in Hong Kong.

Theme: To help participants apply design, technology and business concepts to develop innovative ideas and creative solutions and accordingly develop prototypes to tackle social issues.

Eligibility: The Programme is open to students and graduates of higher education institutions in and outside Hong Kong with Hong Kong residency. Participants can enrol on an individual or team basis.

The Programme: The Programme consists of three stages:

  • Stage 1: Social Innovators' Classroom
    Interactive, action-oriented training modules focusing on design, technology and business concepts will be offered to equip the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop innovative ideas and creative solutions for addressing the prevailing social problems.
  • Stage 2: Idea Competition
    Participants will submit their innovative ideas and creative solutions developed in Stage 1 to compete for project funding from the SIE Fund so as to turn the ideas and solutions into prototypes.
  • Stage 3: Project Implementation
    Each winning project team in the competition will be granted $200,000 for project implementation with the support of PolyU, NGOs and mentors from the design and other relevant industry sectors. Sharing sessions and events with practitioners from different sectors and professions will be organised for the funded innovators to explore possible collaboration. They may also be nominated to participate in other pitching events to seek additional resources for further project development.

Post-programme support, such as referral to other suitable intermediaries of the SIE Fund for further funding support and incubation, will also be provided to the funded innovators.

Application: Application form and other details of the programme are available on the programme website:


* Click here for the list of ventures funded under the "Good Seed" programme since 2015.

Nurturing Social Minds

The Yeh Family Philanthropy  Limited


Objective: The programme provides students with the unique opportunity to work with a partner social venture to tackle real life social and business problems and create greater social impact.

Theme:  Visionary and resourceful social entrepreneurs can think out of the box and take calculated risks in creating new business models, market norms and customer experiences. Venture philanthropy takes philanthropic funding to a whole new level of accountability and results-orientation, giving investors alternative opportunities they seldom enjoy before.
Combining the merits of the two, this course is specially designed for students with a vision in innovative, sustainable and impactful social businesses.

Eligibility:  MBA students and undergraduates.

The Programme:  A total of sixteen credit-bearing courses will be held at three local tertiary education institutions.  
Students will learn not just in classroom but also through working with social ventures as members of multidisciplinary teams in solving real life social and business problems.
A grant offered by The Yeh Family Philanthropy will be awarded to the winning team of students and partner social venture in each course for implementation of their ideas. Funding decisions are made by an independent expert judging panel, faculty staff and the students together in each course.

Application: More details can be found at the programme’s website


Programmes of the first batch of intermediaries engaged in 2015 can be found here.