How can a funding application be made?

The SIE Fund has engaged intermediaries to design and implement initiatives for Innovative Programmes. Individuals and organisations with innovative ideas in addressing poverty issues and wish to seek financial support to implement innovative projects may approach directly the intermediaries running Innovative Programmes and submit applications under their funding schemes. Please visit the Intermediaries' Programmes section for details.

There are different arrangements for different programmes. Interested parties are advised to contact respective intermediaries directly for details.

Who is eligible to apply for the Fund and become a Social Innovation Implementer (SII)? Would profit-making companies be eligible to apply?

The Fund is open to all interested parties, including individuals, NGOs and profit-making organisations, if they could provide innovative ideas to address poverty issues in Hong Kong. For profit-making organisations, we may consider setting a ceiling on the percentage of profits that could be distributed to the shareholders. The undistributed profits should be re-invested in the services/ projects supported by the Fund for addressing poverty issues in Hong Kong.

Would large-scale NGOs or existing social enterprises have a comparative advantage in the application for the SIE Fund?

Every application will be considered on individual merits through a transparent and fair process. The major criteria would be the innovativeness of the proposed project and its expected social impacts. To this end, we do not see that there would be difference between large, existing or small organisations.

Can a project proponent submit more than one application for a project?

In general, each funding application shall be processed by only one intermediary of the SIE Fund in order to avoid duplication of resources.  In this regard, submissions of same or substantially similar proposal(s) / project(s) to different intermediaries is not recommended and an applicant is required to declare in his/her submission whether the same proposal / project has applied for or is currently applying for the SIE Fund.

Could a project proponent apply for funding support under SIE Fund if it has already applied the same project under other existing government funding schemes (e.g. ESR, CIIF, CCF)?

'Fund shopping' is not allowed, i.e. the same project will not get funding support from different government funding schemes concurrently. We also do not encourage application for funds be processed concurrently under different schemes.

Who is responsible for vetting and approval of funding applications?

Depending on the nature and amount of funding concerned, the intermediaries will make decision on applications received or recommendations to the Task Force for consideration of approval.

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