Shared Value Initiative

The Shared Value Initiative is launched to encourage businesses to implement innovative business plans that create business value and social impact at the same time

The SIE Fund, as a catalyst for social innovation in Hong Kong, connects our community with different sectors, including businesses, NGOs, academics and philanthropies to create social impact through innovative solutions that address poverty and social exclusion.


For the business sector, social innovation involves putting to market new products, services, practices and strategies that offer solutions to meet social needs. “Shared Value” is created for both the company and the society when a company applies its assets and skills to innovative projects that bring business return while simultaneously advancing the economic, environmental and social conditions in the communities in which it operates. (check here for examples of corporations creating shared value)


The Fund encourages corporations to apply the Creating Shared Value (CSV) approach in their business strategies for addressing social needs while exploring new business opportunities.


Innovation is central to the CSV approach. To encourage businesses to implement innovative ideas, the SIE Fund embarked on a "Shared Value Initiative" and the inaugural Shared Value: Creating Competitive Advantage Forum was held in September 2015 with over 160 senior corporate executives attended (see more details at the dedicated website). The Forum returned in September 2017 with a fresh and more inspiring programme.


In addition to the Forum, the 2017-18 Shared Value Initiative with a series of activities are launched in stages-


  • Stage 1: Research - Research to comprehend the landscape of Shared Value in Hong Kong
  • Stage 2: Awareness Building - Forum to deepen the awareness of the Shared Value concept
  • Stage 3: Capacity Building - Series of visits, workshops and coaching sessions for corporate delegates interested in exploring the concept of Shared Value further
  • Stage 4: Inspiration and Empowerment - The SIE Fund will consider supporting corporates interested in launching Shared Value projects through an inspiration and empowerment programme to help them develop their CSV business plans.

(see more details about the 2017-18 Shared Value Initiative at the dedicated website)

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Research Project

Business for Good: Understanding the Motivations for Business to Create Shared Value

In addition to launching the Shared Value Initiative, the SIE Fund also supports research on Shared Value. With funding support from the SIE Fund, Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum launched a research project entitled "Business for Good: Understanding the Motivations for Business to Create Shared Value" in July 2019. The objectives of the project were to identify the push and pull factors for businesses to transform from profit maximisation to “business for good” through adopting Shared Value, as well as create the community demand for “business for good” in Hong Kong. The project also aimed to recommend concrete steps to foster the development of “business for good” amongst Hong Kong businesses. Major beneficiaries of the research include different sizes of local businesses and their staff, as well as members of the public benefiting from the corporate strategy of Shared Value.


The project was completed with research findings released in November 2020. Through 18 case studies of "business for good" in Hong Kong and other parts of the world, the motivation and catalysts for adopting the Shared Value strategy were revealed. The research also looked into the factors the younger population would consider in their consumption and employer choices, and factors relating to “business for good” were identified as increasingly important. Please click here for the executive summary of the research report.