The Task Force sets out its strategies to further the Fund’s objectives

The second term Task Force assumed office in December 2014. One of its undertakings is to formulate future strategies for the Fund.


A workshop was held in March 2015 in which Task Force Members deliberated on the Fund’s future development. These five strategies were set out as a result of the workshop.


  1. Drive results from Flagship Projects / Intermediaries
    (More about Food Support Flagship ProjectIntermediaries Programmes and Gerontechnology Platform)
  2. Establish Idea and Solution Bank
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  3. Engage Business Sector through CSV / ESG Reporting
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  4. Identify and Nurture Sector/ Segment Leaders
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  5. Raise Public Awareness and Support
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In accordance with these strategies and drawing on experience and past accomplishment, the Fund will roll out initiatives and programmes to drive greater impact.