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On the way to the second flagship project
Fund invites proposals for acting as the intermediary of gerontechnology platform

Hong Kong’s population is ageing rapidly. Gerontechnology, which helps enhance the well-being, quality of life, independence and self-reliance of the elderly and provides support to the families, caregivers, healthcare staff and institutions, is widely considered as the key to addressing the challenges and tapping the opportunities arising from the ageing population.
Since 2016, the SIE Fund has been exploring innovative ways and more extensive cross-sector collaboration to address the ageing issue. In view of the potential of gerontechnology, the SIE Fund has decided to engage one intermediary to design, develop and operate an inclusive platform so as to facilitate the development of the gerontechnology ecosystem in Hong Kong. The platform should serve to link up different stakeholders on the supply side and connect them with the demand side by way of engagement, cross-sector partnerships and collaborations. The initiative will be taken forward as the second flagship project of the Fund.
The Fund is now inviting interested parties to submit proposals to act as the intermediary of the gerontechnology platform. Proposals should be submitted by 6pm on 23 July 2019 (Tuesday). Please click here for details and relevant documents or click here for the press release.