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SIE Fund welcomes proposals to address the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic

In response to the latest development of the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic, the SIE Fund welcomes innovative solutions specifically addressing the needs of the community in combating the epidemic or the needs of Hong Kong residents directly affected by the epidemic. Proposals should be promptly submitted to the innovative programme "Impact Incubator" under the Fund without waiting for the Programme's application deadline on 31 March 2020.

For those proposals which give timely responses to the current epidemic situation, the SIE Fund will give priority consideration and speed up the assessment process.

For details, please visit the website of Impact Incubator.


Reappointment of HKCSS as intermediary for a new term of service

The SIE Fund has reappointed the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) as an intermediary to design and administer the innovative programme "Impact Incubator" under the Fund.

HKCSS was first appointed as the intermediary of the SIE Fund in 2015. By providing a one-stop platform that supports and incubates innovative projects in various stages, and connects social entrepreneurs to knowledge, resources and networks of social welfare agencies, social enterprises, philanthropic foundations, business associations, professional bodies, etc., HKCSS launched the “Impact Incubator” programme to help social entrepreneurs implement innovative solutions to address poverty and social exclusion problems in Hong Kong and drive sustainable impact.

Following HKCSS' completion of the first term of intermediary service in September 2019, the SIE Fund has recently reappointed HKCSS as the intermediary to implement the "Impact Incubator" programme for another three years starting from February 2020. Riding on the expertise and experience gained in the past few years, HKCSS will strengthen the programme in its new term of service by providing social entrepreneurs with more tailored incubation service and enhanced support in terms of social impact assessment. The new round of "Impact Incubator" programme has commenced in February 2020. Interested parties please refer to the programme website for details.

The SIE Fund is in the process of appointing more intermediaries for running different innovative programmes. Announcement will be made upon further appointment.