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Reappointment of PolyU as intermediary for a new term of service

Reappointment of PolyU as intermediary

The SIE Fund has reappointed PolyU Technology and Consultancy Co Ltd (PolyU) as an intermediary to design and administer the innovative programme "Good Seed" under the Fund.

PolyU was first appointed as the intermediary of the SIE Fund in 2015. By leveraging its expertise and resources in the application of design, technology and business concepts, PolyU launched the "Good Seed" programme to help students or alumni of higher education institutions brainstorm innovative ideas and creative solutions, and accordingly develop prototypes to tackle social issues and address the needs of the underprivileged.

Following PolyU's completion of the first term of intermediary service in August 2019, the SIE Fund has recently appointed PolyU again as the intermediary to implement the "Good Seed" programme for another 3.5 years starting from December 2019. Riding on the expertise and experience gained in the past few years, PolyU will enhance the programme in its new term of service by increasing the amount of grant for each funded project and providing funded social innovators with more structured and tailored mentorship involving experts recruited from different sectors and professions. The new round of “Good Seed” programme will commence in the first quarter of 2020. Interested parties may refer to the programme website for details.

The SIE Fund is in the process of appointing more intermediaries for running different innovative programmes. Announcement will be made upon further appointment.