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Task Force tours Social Innovation Design Lab

Launched by the Enable Foundation and sponsored by the SIE Fund, the Social Innovation Design Lab (SI.DLab) aims to enable young designers to co-create solutions with senior citizens, social service agencies and other organisations to address social issues associated with ageing.  Led by Chairperson Dr Jane Lee, Task Force members paid a visit to SI.DLab recently to keep abreast of its various projects.

"Fine Dying" is a project that engages 200 design students and 100 elders to co-design "Objects of Death". Among them is the paper-made burial ash scatterer "The Envelope" which has won two design-related awards lately.

Through “Dementia Going”, design students talk with dementia patients and together they co-create drawings and exhibits that let members of the public experience how dementia is like so as to enhance empathy for the patients.

The visit concluded with an exchange of views between the SI.DLab team and Task Force members who praised the team for the people-oriented approach in their projects.  Please visit the website of Enable Foundation for more about their projects of co-creation.