Food Support
Flagship Project

To facilitate extensive cross-sector collaboration for achieving large scale results

To address poverty issues that are of major public concern and have greater social impact, the SIE Fund Task Force is looking for areas of unmet demands and service gaps where there is a need for greater co-ordination and collaboration to achieve result. In this regard, the Task Force has shown concern for food support service in Hong Kong.


Having regard that the food support service sector as a whole is facing challenges, such as lack of information, unmatched supply and demand, as well as high running cost, the Task Force has decided to take on a flagship project which aims at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall food support service in Hong Kong.


To design, set up and operate an inclusive platform

The SIE Fund has engaged St. James' Settlement (SJS) as the intermediary to launch its first flagship project in capacity building to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of food support services in Hong Kong. SJS is responsible for designing, building and operating an inclusive platform for different stakeholders of the sector to coordinate information sharing on the demand and supply of food items and related services. The platform will also cover best practices sharing among stakeholders and public awareness-raising work about food support services in Hong Kong.

  • Josephine Lee, CEO of St. James' Settlement, shares their experience working with SIE Fund as the intermediary for the Food Support Flagship Project:


Collaborative platform to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the sector

During the first year of intermediary engagement, SJS has commissioned a territory-wide study to better understand the whole food support service sector. (click here for the executive summary of the baseline study)

FOOD-CO is the first all-round collaborative platform in Hong Kong to connect food support service operators, corporate food donors and volunteers by making use of information technology and data analysis. FOOD-CO first went on trial in Kwai Tsing, Kwun Tong and Yuen Long in May 2017 (click here for related press release). SJS has commissioned a social impact assessment for the pilot run of FOOD-CO to understand and analyse the impact of FOOD-CO during the six-month pilot run. The result shows that the target outcome indicators are all overachieved in the three pilot districts (more details can be found in the executive summary of the social impact assessment for pilot run of FOOD-CO and the press release). Since November 2017, FOOD-CO has expanded to cover all 18 districts across Hong Kong.

Operators can now share the best practices and better coordinate their operations through this platform. Donors can also reach out to suitable operators for more efficient food donations. Members of the public and people in need can better understand different food support services in their own districts. Public awareness programmes will also be held to let people know more about food support services in Hong Kong.

For more details, please refer to FOOD-CO website.