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The second Shared Value Forum convened to kick off new series of activities

The SIE Fund advocates innovation in business and encourages corporations to apply the Creating Share Valued (CSV) strategy by which a company benefits from a profitable business while addressing specific social issues. The “Shared Value: Creating Competitive Advantage” Forum in 2015 marked the commencement of our Shared Value Initiative. To take our work further, we are embarking on the 2017-18 Initiative with the second Shared Value Forum held on 21 September as the kick-off event. Around 230 leaders from the local and international business, government and civil society attended and participated in discussions, seeking insight from world-renowned speakers and showcases of successful business plans. Check out more about the Forum at the Shared Value Forum 2017 website and stay tuned for other activities that follow.


The second term Task Force holds its 12th meeting

The 12th meeting of the second term Task Force was held on 12 September. Besides progress review, the meeting had detailed discussions on new initiatives for addressing the city’s poverty problems. More updates about the Fund’s development will be shared in due course so please stay tuned to our website.