Innovator Farm

Fullness Social Enterprises Society Ltd

Objective: Designed and implemented by Fullness Social Enterprises Society Ltd (FSES), “Innovator Farm” (IF) is an innovative programme where young people can find the necessary nutrition and environment to grow their social innovation dreams and explore all sorts of possibilities through experimenting “what ifs”. Leveraging its expertise and experience in bringing social entrepreneurship education to secondary and post-secondary schools and incubating young social entrepreneurs for the Hong Kong society, FSES launches the three-year IF Program to unleash the innate ability of youths in innovation and inspire them to develop innovative ideas and creative solutions for tackling social problems and addressing the needs of the underprivileged in Hong Kong.

Theme: To incubate and nurture youths, primarily those aged 15 to 25, to develop innovative ideas and creative solutions and turn them into prototypes and start-up businesses. While generally non-theme-specific, funded innovative projects have to focus on addressing the problems of poverty or social exclusion in Hong Kong.

Eligibility: The programme is open to Hong Kong residents aged 15 to 25. Participants have to enrol on a team basis and each team should comprise 3 to 6 members.  Individual members aged above 25 may also be considered.

The Programme: The programme will adopt a systematic yet playful approach to unleash the potential of the participating youths in innovation and provide them with a friendly and supportive environment with peers of young social innovators. It will support innovative projects at the idea generation, prototype and start-up stages. A series of incubation services taking the forms of experimental learning, coaching, customised training, peer group learning, alumni support, etc. and covering a wide range of topics such as social innovation, market research, financial modelling, decision making, marketing, project management, social impact measurement, pitching, etc. will be provided to the participants. Besides, the participants will be connected to stakeholders from different sectors including social, business, education, government, etc. under the programme. A co-working hub, IF Hub, will also be open to the participants so as to enable them to learn and grow with other social entrepreneurs.

Application: Application form and other details of the programme are available at the programme website (Chinese version only).


Dr Kee Chi-hing, Chair of Fullness Social Enterprises Society, introduces the "Innovator Farm" programme:

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