SIE Fund
Innovate to Create Impact for Poverty Alleviation

The current-term Government upholds poverty alleviation in a targeted manner and allocates resources to those most in need, including households living in subdivided units, single-parent households and elderly households (such as elderly singletons and doubletons). The SIE Fund has been assisting in addressing the needs of these groups. For instance, the Fund has collaborated with landlords, non-profit organisations, social enterprises and professional bodies to take forward the “Community Housing Movement” to provide affordable and decent transitional social housing for households living in subdivided units. The Fund has also supported innovative projects designing modular furniture specifically for such households. In addition, the Fund has funded many projects that offer training and job opportunities to low-income single mothers, helping them reintegrate into the workforce; and introduced the “Gerontechnology Platform” to foster the development and application of gerontechnology in Hong Kong, enhancing the living quality of the elderly and rendering support to their families, caregivers and healthcare staff as well as institutions.

Intermediaries Provide Full Support

The SIE Fund will strengthen its collaboration with the government in taking forward the strategy of “targeted poverty alleviation”.  We will join hands with the community to foster social innovation and create social impact, as well as to cultivate and generate more socially innovative projects with ways to alleviate poverty problems.  The Fund will collaborate with the four intermediaries to launch a round of applications under the theme of “targeted poverty alleviation”, targeting at the pressing poverty issue and the needs of vulnerable groups by introducing novel products or services.  The new round of applications is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2024.  More information can be found here or contact the intermediary concerned for inquiries.

(This page was last updated on 22 February 2024)