Intermediaries' Programmes


The SIE Fund engaged four organisations, namely The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, PolyU Technology and Consultancy Co Ltd, SOW (Asia) Foundation Limited, and The Yeh Family Philanthropy Limited in 2015 as intermediaries to design and administer various programmes for the Fund's priority areas of Capacity Building and Innovative Programmes.


Impact Incubator

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service 


Objective: To provide a cross-sectoral platform that connects social innovation implementers (SIIs) to specific problems and relevant resources and networks built around social welfare agencies, social enterprises, philanthropy foundations, business associations and professional bodies to help SIIs generate innovative and sustainable poverty-alleviating ideas. Implementation support will also be provided through at least 12 months' series of intensive programmes. Different project types, including prototype, start-up and scale-up, will be funded during the engagement period.

Theme: Linking up social capital and helping social enterprises, organisations and social entrepreneurs develop business skills, identify opportunities and apply business approaches to address social needs.

Eligibility: NGOs, social enterprises, companies and Hong Kong citizens aged 18 and above are all welcome.

The Programme: It covers both Capacity Building and Innovative Programmes (applicable to prototype, start-up and scale-up projects).

Capacity Building: includes "Future Camp", business clinic, skill-based training programmes, peer learning platform and social impact assessment training.

Innovative Programmes: provides one-stop support to innovative projects of different stages, covering funding, knowledge, space and sales network.

Good Seed

PolyU Technology and Consultancy Co Ltd


Objective: This is a unique programme leveraging on the expertise and resources of PolyU, especially in the application of design and technology to articulate creative solutions to complex social issues, to help students or alumni of higher education institutions to unleash their innate ability for innovation to tackle social problems. 

Theme: Helping you apply "Design & Technology" to generate idea; providing funding of HK$100,000 and mentoring to implement project.

Eligibility: This Programme welcomes students and graduates of local higher education institutions to apply as individuals or in teams.

The Programme: It covers both Capacity Building and Innovative Programmes (idea generation and prototype stages), and consists of three stages each year by leveraging on multi-disciplinary resources:

Stage 1: Structured Training with "Design", "Technology" and "Business" as focus to help the participants to brainstorm innovative ideas for tackling real life issues.

Stage 2: Idea Competition for the participants to compete for funding to implement their innovative project ideas.

Stage 3: Project Implementation - each winning project in the competition will be granted HK$100,000 for implementation with the support of PolyU, NGOs, and mentors from design and industry network.

Post-programme support, including further funding from PolyU and referral to other Intermediaries for longer term incubation and investment will also be endeavoured.

Fast Forward

SOW (Asia) Foundation Limited

PolyU Technology and Consultancy Company Limited


Objective: "Fast Forward" helps social enterprises that are addressing poverty alleviation in Hong Kong to

  1. clarify their strategy for scaling their impact;
  2. articulate the operational requirements and resources needed to implement their strategy; and
  3. connect to networks and investors for fundraising and execution support.

The programme will assist over 50 enterprises in the next 3 years.

Theme: A structured 3-month programme to support early stage social enterprises seeking to grow and scale their impact on poverty alleviation in Hong Kong.

Eligibility: The programme is looking for social enterprises that:

  1. Support poverty alleviation through one or more of the following means:
    a.    Providing jobs for the disadvantaged, disabled and/or elderly
    b.    Enabling employment by removing barriers e.g. through vocational training or employment matching models
    c.     Providing products and services that reduce the cost of living for low-income households (e.g. low cost food, utilities, housing etc.)
  2. Have at least two full-time co-founders
  3. Have already launched their products/services/models or at least have prototypes of those products/services/models that would be ready within 6 months.

The Programme: The programme consists of diagnostic/facilitation workshops, mentoring, networks and pitch nights to provide participating social enterprises with access to potential investors.

Nurturing Social Minds

The Yeh Family Philanthropy  Limited


Objective: The programme provides students with the unique opportunity to work with a partner social venture to tackle real life social and business problems and create greater social impact.

Theme:  Visionary and resourceful social entrepreneurs can think out of the box and take calculated risks in creating new business models, market norms and customer experiences. Venture philanthropy takes philanthropic funding to a whole new level of accountability and results-orientation, giving investors alternative opportunities they seldom enjoy before.
Combining the merits of the two, this course is specially designed for students with a vision in innovative, sustainable and impactful social businesses.

Eligibility:  MBA students and undergraduates.

The Programme:  A total of sixteen credit-bearing courses will be held at three local tertiary education institutions.  
Students will learn not just in classroom but also through working with social ventures as members of multidisciplinary teams in solving real life social and business problems.
A grant offered by The Yeh Family Philanthropy will be awarded to the winning team of students and partner social venture in each course for implementation of their ideas. Funding decisions are made by an independent expert judging panel, faculty staff and the students together in each course.