Wearable Robotic Device for Parkinson’s Disease

start-up, healthcare, elderly, Impact Incubator

A supportive device for Parkinson’s Disease patients to improve daily activities’ performance and regain working ability


There are over 10 000 elderly in Hong Kong suffering from Parkinson’s Disease (PD) who often experience tremor, rigidity and bradykinesia which limit their mobility. This venture aims to develop a set of multi-functional robotic device to alleviate patients’ symptoms and improve their well-being.

Based on the prototype, the development of which is supported by the SIE Fund, MedEXO Robotics will adopt a pioneering textile actuation technology to produce a light-weighted and fashionable device at an affordable price. With the smart sensing algorithm, the device can effectively differentiate an abnormal movement from the intended ones in order to suppress unwanted movements in various situations such as holding a newspaper, a pen or a cup.


Name of Organisation

MedEXO Robotics (Hong Kong) Company Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1 year and 9 months (Ended)


  • Finalised the design of multi-functional wearable robotic device after collecting feedback from patients with Parkinson’s Disease
  • Produced and delivered 50 pieces of the device to Hong Kong Parkinson's Disease Association
  • Participated in 12 exhibitions/award ceremony/TV programme/pitching event to exhibit the products and increase public awareness