Comfort Me

Comfort Me
Lonna Kwan
Angie Lin

Regarding cancer treatment, many people focus only on medication and miss patients' needs during and after treatment. Lonna, co-founder of Comfort Me, understands patients' needs well as one of her family members has suffered from breast cancer. "A bra that fits is more than a piece of clothing. It also serves to comfort patients from physical and mental pain."
But it's a challenge finding well-fitted bras. Imported mastectomy bras are expensive and don't fit Asian women. Lonna and her friend Angie who had been in the garment business for two decades thus decided to set up Comfort Me. They do research, design and produce mastectomy bras and underclothing which are sold at reasonable prices or offered for free to the underprivileged. Thanks to the feminine design of the underclothing, breast cancer patients will look as beautiful and girlie as they used to before the surgery.
Women recovered from breast cancer are hired or work voluntarily as "Comfort Me Ambassadors" to share their rehabilitation stories with customers. "As the first social enterprise of underclothing, Comfort Me is not merely a retail shop. It's a platform offering assistance to needy women," say Lonna and Angie. They hope Comfort Me could play a part in helping every woman rebuild their self-confidence and enjoy a healthy life.

  • The SIE Fund has provided funding to the startup project of Comfort Me. More details can be found here



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