Arnold Chan

What makes Arnold Chan, a straight-A top student, quit his million-dollar job in an investment bank and change career path to starting a social enterprise to help children from grassroots families? It is the belief of "education changes destiny".
Arnold has shown concern for children of deprived families since he was a young student. Yet the resolution to set up a social enterprise did not come until a brief summer stint in Beijing a few years ago. He was overwhelmed by the innovative idea of enlisting university graduates to serve in schools with underprivileged students. The fellow teachers can learn from the uncommon experience while the students are given role models to follow and be motivated to realise their full potential.
Arnold then teamed up with a group of enthusiastic and passionate young leaders to set up Teach4HK, following the model of Teach for America. Teach4HK offers a 1-year fellowship programme to university graduates who will serve full-time in schools. While the children will directly benefit, Arnold hopes that a greater impact can be attained when the fellow teachers, with experience in teaching, will take education into account to make a difference whatever their future career will be.

  • The SIE Fund has provided funding to Teach4HK. More details can be found here.



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