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Unleashing productivity of low-income housewives through engaging them in the preparation of cuisine packages



Festyle is an online platform that provides same-day delivery of fresh grocery and ready-to-cook cuisine packages. It recruits low-income housewives to handpick and purchase fresh food from wet markets and to process raw food into ready-to-cook cuisine packages for customers. Festyle provides job opportunities tailor-made for women to help them develop their strengths and improve their financial autonomy.

Festyle also aims to promote a culture of healthy dining. Its ready-to-cook cuisine package delivery service relieves customers from shopping chores and enables them to enjoy healthy homemade food at ease.

In the long run, it aims to match mobile labour force using the online platform and provide service to the whole of Hong Kong, engaging more housewives who will deliver their care to their neighbours.

The venture has received funding support from the SIE Fund for another prototype project.


  • Click on the image below for a video featuring the venture, produced by a team of young people under the Social Innovation Short Film Sponsorship Scheme.

Name of Organisation

Festyle (Hong Kong) Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

9 months (Ended)


  • Started offering ready-to-cook cuisine packages services
  • Unleashed potentials of 13 low-income housewives by engaging them to design recipes and prepare cuisine packages
  • Promoted healthy dining culture