Festyle – HOME-trepreneur Programme

prototype, food, low-income families, Impact Incubator

Providing training and other assistance to groom low-income women to become entrepreneurs with their own food brands


Funded by the SIE Fund, the project team launched a prototype project in 2017, aiming to unleash the talents and productivity of low-income housewives by engaging them to produce and sell ready-to-cook cuisine packages via an online platform. With funding from the SIE Fund again, another prototype project is underway for women from low-income families to further develop their potentials to become entrepreneurs with their own micro-brand products (e.g. home-made sauces and soup packs)

The venture will recruit and groom 25 low-income women. A 12-session training programme will be provided to cover food production, product costing, marketing and promotion, and brand building, etc.  Eight shortlisted trainees will receive advanced training and further assistance on building their own micro-brands including (i) ingredient and packaging allowances; (ii) free usage of project partners’ kitchens; (iii) logistics allowances; (iv) individual coaching sessions by catering experts; (v) marketing and promotion guidance on their products; and (vi) readily available sales demand through the project's online platform. Revenue generated from product sales will be shared with the women trainees.

Name of Organisation

Festyle (Hong Kong) Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1.5 years (Active)

Expected Impact

  • To recruit and train 25 low-income women to become entrepreneurs with their own micro-brand products
  • To provide advanced training and assistance to eight shortlisted trainees on establishing their micro-brands and developing their food products for sale in the market
  • To sell 1 000 micro-brand food products in the market


As at October 2021:

  • Recruited 42 low-income women to participate in the training programme. 19 training sessions were provided to the recruited women
  • Shortlisted 8 trainees for receiving advanced training and assistance on building their micro-brands
  • Promoted the coming launch of 8 micro-brands on website and social media platform