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Empowering underprivileged young people through training and job opportunities in mural painting


Sponsored by the SIE Fund in 2017, the prototype project "Art Muraler" was concluded with satisfactory results. Riding on its success, 2Bliss Studio Limited (one of its co-founders being the project owner of Art Muraler) rolls out a start-up project to help young people who are unemployed, rehabilitated or ex-drug abusers enhance their self-confidence, creativity, employability and sociability through a series of training in art, design and mural painting.

The training comprises theory and practicum courses. After receiving training, the disadvantaged young people will provide mural painting services to beautify living environment for grassroots elderly households. They will also work as workshop tutors to teach elderly people and students with special education needs skills in art.

Young people will be benefited in various ways. Through taking part in painting services and workshops, they will be able to apply their art skills and communicate with others. Some can even obtain construction industry-related certificate after completion of training and have their career path broadened. Revenue will be generated from mural painting services. Artworks will also be uploaded to the website for sale. Part of the revenue from sale will be shared with the painters.

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Name of Organisation

2Bliss Studio Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

2 years (Active)

Expected Impact

To benefit 96 disadvantaged youths and 64 grassroots elderly households


As at November 2020:

  • Recruited 78 disadvantaged youths as trainees and provided 84 vocational training sessions to them.  A total of 11 youths have obtained construction industry-related certificates and three of them were hired as business mural painting trainees
  • Conducted one art visit and nine workshops for over 100 children with special educational needs (SEN) and elderly who were interested in art
  • Provided mural painting services to improve the living environment of 42 grassroots elderly households
  • Sold 16 trainees' artworks and shared the sales revenue with them
  • Provided seven mural paintings to business clients and sold over 670 art products