Cecilia Ho

Cecilia Ho

Cecilia Ho once used to work alone. But now she runs a social venture that delivers colour and joy, believing that leading others to pursue happiness is more meaningful than seeking personal fame.
Before launching the social innovation project "Art Muraler", Cecilia was a full-time painter who had little connections with others but immersed in her work in the studio. A change came in 2014 when, by chance, she took part in voluntary mural painting to serve an old man on Lamma Island. The event was warm and laughter-filled for both the elderly and the volunteers. It triggered Cecilia to rethink about painting.
In 2016, Cecilia put on a new hat and curated the "Smiling Stone" community exhibition. This gave her the chance to connect with residents and artists. She saw how members of a community worked together to spruce up their home and, more importantly, how delighted they were with their products. Cecilia realised painting is a medium to spread joy and was inspired to set up "Art Muraler".
"Art Muraler" recruits young people, some of whom unemployed or rehabilitated, to provide voluntary mural painting service for the elderly. Cecilia is deeply impressed by these youngsters. They are always cheerful and vigorous even after a day of work under the blazing sun. They are also affectionate and caring when working with members of disadvantaged groups.
Every muraler is expected to work in challenging circumstances including under the glaring sun and pouring rain. Cecilia believes this is the part that makes the project unique and meaningful. With support from the SIE Fund again, Cecilia and her partner have launched a new innovative project "Bling". Youngsters are trained and hired as art tutors to teach the elderly and children with special education needs. Mural artworks will be printed on T-shirts or tote bags for sales on an online store. The idea is to help more people build self-confidence and find fulfilment through art.

  • The SIE Fund has provided funding support for the prototype project Art Muraler and start-up project Bling.



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