Sophia Lee

Ms Sophia Lee Shuk-woon

Personal Profile

Ms Sophia Lee Shuk-woon, the co-founder of Elixir Capital Management Limited, has been working in securities research for over a decade. She graduated from Simon Fraser University in Canada majoring in Economics. She then completed the Hedge Fund Management Training Program at Yale University in the United States and earned her Master’s degree in Psychology from the Faculty of Social Sciences of The University of Hong Kong.
Ms Lee served as a Director of Pok Oi Hospital for six years and advised the Hospital’s various committees on finance and investment, medical services, educational services, as well as youth and family services. Regarding public duties at the district level, she is currently the convener of the social affairs workgroup of the Kwun Tong South Area Committee, undertaking to organise cultural and recreational activities for the residents. She is also a member of the Kwun Tong District Civic Education Committee, chairing a workgroup on web-related activities and contributing to organising events including promotion of the Basic Law and public awareness of loving the country and Hong Kong.

Expectation towards Social Innovation and the SIE Fund

"Innovation may originate from pure imagination. Yet, more often than not, new mindsets or ideas are generated by either applying existing ideas to different scenarios or re-combining original elements. Through the cross-sector collaboration settings of the SIE Fund, one may apply his or her experience to different areas and scenarios to devise more innovative mindsets or ideas, realising the effective use and sharing of resources. I hope the SIE Fund, while continuing to engage, inspire and nurture social entrepreneurs, would make good use of the research findings of the academia to look into the root causes of social problems and to tackle pressing problems with targeted solutions, achieving the goal of addressing poverty and social exclusion by innovative solutions that maximise impact."

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