Mr James Li Tsz-shu

Mr James Li Tsz-shu

Personal Profile

“Proper solutions are the key to both treating illness and striving for peace and prosperity.” Healing people’s sickness with medical treatment and solving social problems with public policies is what registered Chinese medicine practitioner Mr James Li Tsz-shu reckons and aspires after reflecting on his experience. Mr Li graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Medicine. He was later admitted to Peking University as a graduate student for a Master of Management Science. He was also the first person from Hong Kong to be appointed to the Tianjin Wuqing Government Office. During that period, Mr Li took part in alleviating poverty and promoting education in the Mainland as a Hong Kong citizen. He conducted in-depth community surveys and research and participated in local economic development projects, by which he gained a better understanding of society’s needs and was highly recognised by the government and media.

Mr Li now serves as the Vice President of Public Affairs at Tencent and the Chief Executive of the Tencent Foundation. When the fifth wave of the pandemic prevailed in Hong Kong, he led a team that actively engaged in epidemic-fighting endeavours, collaborating with The Community Chest, Po Leung Kuk, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and the School of Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong Baptist University to support the community regarding medical resources and free remote medical consultation for COVID-contracted patients. He also introduced “99 Giving Day”, a proven idea of online charity in the Mainland, to Hong Kong. The campaign fostered a charity model that combined online and offline channels and made use of the internet to pool resources from different sectors to serve society’s needs, hoping to make every small act of kindness would eventually become more powerful than it seems.

Mr Li plays an active role in public services. Besides being appointed by the Chief Executive to the Commission on Poverty, he has been appointed by the Financial Secretary to the HKSAR Digital Economy Development Committee, and as a Non-Executive Director of the eMPF Platform Company Limited. Mr Li also serves as a National Committee Member of the All-China Youth Federation.

Expectation towards Social Innovation and the SIE Fund

"Social innovation is like a catalyst, promoting the well-being of society and bringing hope to the disadvantaged. My vision is to work with the SIE Fund to resonate with society’s development, foster the interchangeability of governmental, corporate, academic and social resources, advance with the times with innovative and creative ideas, and utilise digital technology to address society’s pain points and drive the depth, scope and agility of social innovation. It is hoped that every small act of kindness will eventually become more powerful."

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