Ways Out Hong Kong

Ways Out Hong Kong
Coco Ho
Peggy Lam
Alison Chow

Ways Out Hong Kong is a social venture co-founded by Alison, Coco and Peggy. Before becoming entrepreneurs, they have each gained profound experience serving communities, as voluntary workers or advocates, in different parts of the world, showing much concern for sustainable development, particularly the issue of food waste. Eventually, they decided to take a creative approach to educate the public about food waste and empower underprivileged women by establishing Ways Out Hong Kong.
Ways Out "turn trash into treasure" and uses food waste jewelry as a creative means to empower young single mothers by providing training and job opportunities and encourage everyone to take individual actions towards environmental sustainability.
Based on the strengths and talents of young single mothers, they are assigned to different roles in Ways Out's operation ranging from jewellery maker, model, workshop assistant, workshop facilitator and event assistant to operation assistant.
Besides giving food residuals a second life, the team also encourages and supports the personal growth and development of young single mothers. Some of these young single mothers once felt lost but have reclaimed their self-worth, now showing confidence in sharing their stories with others and completing the jobs they take charge of.
Ways Out takes a leap of faith in food waste jewellery, turning trash into treasure in hopes of pushing forward environmental sustainability education. They believe their work can raise public awareness and encourage people to reshape their habits in their daily lives for a more sustainable future.



Scope of Services

vocational training


single parents

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