Rebecca Yung

Rebecca Yung

It seems natural for enterprises to target at profits while leaving delivery of public good to charitable organisations. “But why can’t an enterprise seek for both?” This question prompts Rebecca to embark on the advocacy of social innovation.
With more than 30 years of experience, Rebecca has been a renowned figure in the exhibition industry in Hong Kong. Upon retirement from the trade, she determined to pass her knowledge and experience on to the next generations. Together with Dr KK Tse, another forerunner in social innovation, they cofounded Education for Good in 2012. As an educator and trainer, Rebecca devoted her time and efforts to grooming social entrepreneurs and fostering the development of social entrepreneurship for the city. She is also an advisor to a number of social enterprises and NGOs, and is currently Chair of the organising committee of the Social Enterprise Summit.
In addition to these tasks, Rebecca’s endeavour in social innovation has been focused on three aspects. She founded Ednovators which connects a group of passionate changemakers in various fields of education with the aim of unlocking the diverse talents of the youth. She set up the Golden Age Foundation to promote active ageing and encourage businesses to tap the new market of golden age economy and address social needs with innovative products and services. She is also an active advocate of the shared value concept and B Corps, which she sees as the driving force behind societal advancement.

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