Sania Yau

Sania Yau

As a registered social worker, Sania joined the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association in 1996 and became the CEO in 2009. In 2011, Sania led the team to launch the 330 (3-3-0 sounds like Body 身 Mind 心Spirit 靈 in Cantonese) rebranding campaign, providing on-the-job training and employment opportunities to people recovering from mental illness. Partnered with a local design company, New Life received a facelift in corporate image, and some of its social enterprises were renamed in the 330 series, including cafe330, farmfresh330, rwb330 and ecotour330. The rebranding campaign successfully aroused public interest and awareness on physical, psycho-social and transcendental well-being and helped people understand mental patients better. Their efforts have also been recognised by a number of awards in the sector.

Sania passed away on 16 December 2017. Her spirit and contributions will always be remembered.


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