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Providing training in planting for SEN and non-SEN students





The venture aims to provide 50 training sessions on planting to 50 students with special educational needs (SEN) and 50 non-SEN students using a self-developed planting system. Vegetables harvested will be given out to 100 low-income families for free.

The participating SEN and non-SEN students will cooperate to showcase the crops and planting system to the public in five community exhibitions, thereby enhancing their confidence and communication skills.

It is expected that 50 SEN students, 50 non-SEN students and 100 low-income families will benefit.

Name of Organisation

K Farm Social Enterprise Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1 year (Active)

Expected Impact

  • Provide 50 sessions of training in planting to 50 SEN children and 50 non-SEN children
  • Organise 5 community exhibitions
  • Give out harvested vegetables to 100 low-income families for free


(To be updated when available)