Innovative & Evidence-based Autism Intervention Center (Shatin)

start-up, education and learning, children and youth, Impact Incubator

Providing empirical-based interventions to children and youths with Autism Spectrum Disorder



Riding on the satisfactory results of the prototype project “Online and Home-based Robot for Autism Behavioral Intervention (RABI)” funded by SIE Fund in 2020, the project team rolls out another start-up project, which aims to improve the social and behavioural skills of children and youths with Autism Spectrum Disorder through two empirical-based interventions (i.e. “Robot for Autism Behavioral Intervention” (RABI) and traditional-Chinese-medicine-based pediatric massage “Miracle-Hands-to-Wisdom” (MH)).

RABI will benefit children/youths (aged 3 to 18) with mild to moderate autism through role-play dramas with robots. MH will benefit children (aged 3 to 9) with moderate to severe autism through enhancing the function of their heart, liver and kidney, improving the flow of “Qi” (氣) and restoring the processing of sensory information.

The venture will set up a new service and training centre in Shatin to provide in-person services. Individuals from low-income families will be prioritised and subsidised. The centre will also provide on-site services to schools and NGOs in Shatin district.

Name of Organisation

Science and Technology for Autism Remediation (STAR) Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

2 years (Active)

Expected Impact

500 children/youths with autism will benefit


As at December 2023:

  • Launched a new service and training centre in Shek Mun, Shatin
  • Recruited and trained one special child care worker 
  • Provided services to 532 children with special needs