Empowering EM Youth for Employment - Early Childhood Care and Education for Non-Chinese Speaking Learners

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Training and internship opportunities of kindergarten early childhood teaching assistant for youths of diverse race



Oxfam Hong Kong notes that youths of diverse race have difficulties finding a job in Hong Kong due to their relatively lower Chinese proficiency. It is generally even more difficult for young women from these communities. Meanwhile, there is a significant demand for teaching assistants (TA) who can communicate with non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students. To fill the gap, the venture targets to empower youths of diverse race to become early childhood TA at kindergartens.

The venture will organise free-of-charge part-time TA training courses which will be followed by internship opportunities to benefit a total of 60 youths of diverse race. Each trainee will receive a total of 146 training hours in five months, among which 32 hours are internship opportunities at the partner kindergartens.

Job referrals will also be offered to trainees who have passed the written and internship examinations. The project team will follow up with each referred trainee for three months after their graduation.

In addition, the project team will conduct workshops for (i) youths of diverse race, (ii) parents of the trainees and (iii) teachers from kindergartens to promote the scheme. A total of 300 participants are expected.

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Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1 year (Active)

Expected Impact

  • 60 youths of diverse race will participate in the free part-time TA training course and internship
  • 100 youths of diverse race, 100 parents of youths of diverse race and 100 teachers will participate in the workshops


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