Friday for Inclusion

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Engaging persons with disabilities (PWDs) as instructors to provide arts and craft classes for PWD students and other disadvantaged groups


By recruiting persons with disabilities (PWDs) to join its instructor team and organising online and face-to-face classes in arts and craft for PWD students and other disadvantaged groups including elderly, low-income families and people of diverse race, the venture enhances the learning opportunities for the disadvantaged and allows PWDs to demonstrate their talents and increase their income.

Online classes will be held using pre-recorded videos. Various support, including consultation (e.g. curriculum design), video production and editing, and class materials, will be provided to the PWD instructors for free. The arts and craft materials for use by the students will be delivered to their home. PWD instructors will also conduct on-site workshops for corporates and private clubs.

To make the workshops more accessible for the disadvantaged groups, a “FRIDAY for Inclusion Members” scheme will be set up to provide partial or full subsidy of course fees for PWD students and other disadvantaged groups. Instructors, including PWD ones, would visit children and youth centres, elderly homes, and low-income households to conduct the on-site workshops.

Name of Organisation

Friday Company Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1 year and 3 months (Active)

Expected Impact

  • To engage 11 PWDs as instructors of arts and craft classes
  • To benefit 550 persons from disadvantaged groups who participate in arts and craft classes


As at August 2021:

  • Conducted 1 online class and 9 offline workshops by PWD instructors
  • Organised free online and offline classes for 6 and 109 children from marginalised community / with special educational needs respectively
  • Organised offline classes for 15 paid customers
  • Facilitated PWD instructors to earn a total of $7,000 commission for both online and offline classes