Kam Tin Earth Farm

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Recruiting women of diverse race to participate in farming and food production




The venture aims to help women of diverse race living in Kam Tin integrate into the community. They may have little interaction with the neighbourhood community due to language barriers and different cultural practices. They may have low self-esteem and the COVID-19 epidemic has imposed financial stress on their families.

The venture will engage women of diverse race, mainly Nepalese, Pakistani, Indian and Indonesian, in Kam Tin in farming and food production together with the local Chinese residents. This will facilitate social inclusion while women of diverse race may build up their self-esteem upon their success in growing and producing food.

A portion of the harvest will be given to the participating women and the other portion will be processed and sold at stores and weekend flea markets. The participating women can earn an income upon the sale of food products, which helps to relieve their financial stress amid the COVID-19 epidemic.

Name of Organisation

One Earth Co-Farm Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

9 months (Active)

Expected Impact

Engage 20 women of diverse race residing in Kam Tin and provide them with training in farming and food production


As at May 2021:

  • Started both youth and elder fellowship programmes targeting Chinese youth and youth of diverse race, as well as elders of diverse race who are skilled in farming. A total of 10 women fellows of diverse race were recruited
  • Organised 4 social inclusion/mental health workshops with a mix of participants from diverse race and Chinese residents
  • Conducted 8 sessions of farm training for youth
  • Organised a food production session to develop potential recipes for sale


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