Silver Kitchen

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Developing a new technology to provide soft food for elderly’s easy consumption



Quite some elderly people face chewing and swallowing difficulties. Sometimes, caregivers will cut the food into small pieces or simply smash it so that the elderly can consume the food and absorb its nutrients more easily. However, the appearance and taste of the food may become unappealing and the elderly, who usually also suffer from a deteriorating sense of taste, may lose their appetite. This may eventually hinder the intake of nutrients.

Aiming to address the issue, the venture develops a technology comprising freezing, pressure reduction and enzyme reaction to soften the food while keeping its appearance and nutritional value. After completion of research and development of the technology, the team will partner with a restaurant to produce 300 free food packages for elderly’s consumption as a pilot run.

Name of Organisation

Silver Foods Technology Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

9 months (Ended)


Designed and developed 36 types of elderly food for testing