Smart Age Innovation Adventure

prototype, community participation, elderly, Impact Incubator

Training courses on innovation and technology that unleash the talent of retirees and elderly


The venture plans to offer training courses to retirees and elderly on innovation and technology covering subjects such as creative thinking, virtual reality (VR) sketching and 3D printing.  It aims to encourage the elderly to harness their life experience and come up with creative ideas to solve daily problems.

Some of the participants will be given further training to become workshops tutors to share their ideas and skills with others. Activities promoting inclusion and an exhibition will also be held to showcase the prototypes of the elderly’s ideas.

Name of Organisation

The Salvation Army

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1 year (Ended)


  • Organised 12 training courses for 148 elderly people
  • Provided tutor training to 19 elderly people, among them 18 became tutors
  • Held seven workshops led by elderly tutors, and organised inclusion activities and exhibition to showcase their prototypes to the public for over 1700 participants
  • Developed eight 3D-printing products to solve daily problems encountered by singleton elderly


(To be updated when available)