New Horizons Life Planning

start-up, job training and opportunities, children and youth, Impact Incubator

Provision of life planning advisory and job referral services for people with special education needs



The venture will provide life planning advisory and job referral services for persons who have special education needs (SEN) (e.g. school graduates with a disability or autism spectrum disorder), help them find a job and develop their career.

New Horizons Life Planning Limited will work with schools to promote the concept of life planning for persons with SEN. About 100 persons with SEN will be referred for employment after going through a self-development programme of "9-strategy model".  The programme helps activate one's whole brain power, through which one will enhance self-understanding and hence makes well-considered choices in career.

The venture will collaborate with government departments and welfare/business organisations to identify job opportunities for persons with SEN.  In addition, volunteers will be recruited and trained to provide life planning consultancy for persons with SEN.

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New Horizons Life Planning Company Limited

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