Beyond Vision Projects (BVP)

prototype, community participation, persons with disabilities, Good Seed

A "touch synchronised" tactile and audio tool for the visually impaired to receive visual information through touching and hearing


The centrepiece of the project is the Tactile Audio Interaction System (TAIS) which translates visual information into tactile and audio one, meaning the visually impaired (VIs) can "see" by touching and hearing.

It is hoped that VIs can enjoy better opportunities for employment with enhanced "visibility" through the support of TAIS products and relevant training. Whilst the target beneficiaries are mainly VIs, elderly with deteriorating vision can also benefit.

Exhibitions, one of which with the theme of "Hong Kong Beyond Vision", were organised, demonstrating the product to raise public awareness as well as to reach potential customers. Proof-of-concept pilots have been developed for specific sectors such as cultural institutions, scenic spots and the retail industry to collect feedback from the market.


  • The venture has proceeded to start-up with funding support from the SIE Fund.
  • Click on the image below for a video featuring the venture, produced by a team of young people under the Social Innovation Short Film Sponsorship Scheme.
Beyond Vision Projects (BVP)

Name of Organisation

Beyond Vision Projects Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

8 months (Ended)


  • A pilot "Blind Date with Mona Lisa" exhibition was held in August 2016.
  • Invited by deTour, a teaser exhibition cum workshop was held at PMQ in November/December 2016.
  • "Hong Kong Beyond Vision" exhibition was held in February 2017 with over 10 pieces of TAIS exhibits; the exhibition was extended to early March in response to the request of PolyU School of Design.
  • "Tactile-Audio Art" exhibition cum workshop was held at the Ebenezer School and Home for the Visually Impaired.
  • There were over 5 000 visitors visiting these 4 exhibitions.
  • A revenue-generating project was confirmed with the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco to install the TAIS for 8 permanent exhibits with the target start date in December 2017.