Eldpathy VR-erly Simulation Program

scale-up, education and learning, elderly, Impact Incubator

Using virtual reality videos in experiential activities to enhance participants’ understanding of the life of elderly living in residential care homes


Riding on the success of the scale-up project launched in 2016 with SIE Fund’s support, the team is rolling out another scale-up project. Virtual reality (VR) videos will be used in experiential learning activities to feature life in residential care homes for the elderly (RCHE). The objective is to enhance public awareness about elderly staying at RCHE and foster empathy towards them, as well as to attract more young people to join the elderly caring industry.

The venture will recruit the elderly and provide them with training on scriptwriting, video shooting, VR video production and post-production. The trained elderly will become voluntary tutors or paid project assistants to host VR experiential learning activities organised for secondary school students, nursing students and staff from corporates. Through the VR videos with simulations of feeling, tastes and smell, participants can “experience” the life of the elderly at RCHE. The elderly tutors and project assistants can also connect with the young generation and society through hosting the activities and sharing of their experiences.

Name of Organisation

Eldpathy Company Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

3 years (Active)

Expected Impact

  • To provide training to 35 elderly and hire 5 of them as project assistants
  • To benefit over 2700 young people


As at April 2021:

  • 20 elderly have enrolled in the programme, among which 10 elderly became volunteers and 2 of them were employed as elderly tutors
  • Filmed five VR videos related to residential care homes for the elderly (RCHE)
  • Organised 29 VR trial activities at schools for around 900 youths; and 20 corporate training activities
  • Completed drafting the rundown of experiential activities/internship for participating youths at RCHE. Both online and physical modules have been developed