Innovative Pedagogy for Enabling Underprivileged Students to Learn a Second Language

scale-up, education and learning, children and youth, Impact Incubator

A technology-aided pedagogy for students to learn a second language more effectively


m-Chinese Solution Limited develops a new pedagogy called “mLang” and introduces it to schools. Aided by an educational technology e-platform, “mLang” helps underprivileged students learn a second language, in particular non-Chinese speaking students in learning Chinese and grassroots students in learning English.

The “mLang” pedagogy encourages students to express themselves, create and exchange ideas among the peers based on their daily life experiences, personal interests and innovative thinking. Teachers will provide feedback to individual students. To equip teachers with the knowledge for deploying the “mLang” pedagogy, regular workshops, collaborative lesson-preparation meetings and class demonstrations will be organised. Project experts will pay visits to schools to examine its effectiveness in teaching.

With the “mLang” mobile app, students can make use of multi-media resources available on the Internet to create electronic learning cards on topics assigned by teachers. Teachers can provide feedback instantly and share students’ work among the class with ease.

Teachers can utilise these electronic learning cards to conduct extended activities to strengthen students’ practice in using their second language. A “pen-pal” programme will be introduced to facilitate exchange between the two groups of students.

Name of Organisation

m-Chinese Solution Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1 year (Ended)


  • Recruited 735 non-Chinese speaking students and 760 Chinese-speaking underprivileged students from 12 schools to learn their second language under mLang learning platform
  • Collected over 36 700 Chinese and English mLang learning cards
  • Organised nine online/offline mLang teaching workshops for almost 350 teachers and professionals and 160 parents; and 27 online co-planning and teaching support meetings for 24 participating teachers
  • Conducted 74 visits to schools
  • Organised two conferences to share the achievements of mLang programme with 350 participants
  • Conducted pilot run of "pen-pal" scheme in two schools and kept monitoring the scheme
  • Nine participating schools confirmed to continue adopting mLang in their teaching services


(To be updated when available)