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A mobile app providing information on government social welfare schemes for easy access by the underprivileged


The venture aims to introduce a mobile app that provides information on the various social welfare schemes provided by different government departments. Users from underprivileged groups and the welfare sector can use the app to locate information (e.g. eligibility) on Work Incentive Transport Subsidy Scheme, Working Family Allowance Scheme, Old Age Living Allowance Scheme, Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme, School Textbook Assistance Scheme, Disability Allowance, and Rent Assistance Scheme.

The app’s “welfare calculator” function helps users get an idea on their eligibility for certain welfare schemes. Partner NGOs will render assistance to the users to proceed with the necessary welfare service application process.

The mobile app will save time and effort of the underprivileged in searching for information regarding applying for government assistance. It also facilitates social workers in serving the underprivileged.

The venture will conduct user training and provide hotline service to encourage the underprivileged people to use the app.

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Concern for Grassroots' Livelihood Alliance Limited

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