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Facilitating elderly patients to have access to smart medication management service


With the support of SIE Fund in 2016, MEDPOT Limited developed a portable smart pillbox “MedPOT” with notification functions on giving medication instruction and transmitting medication records. In order to enhance the medication adherence of elderly, MEDPOT Limited further proposes to develop an information platform which allows the elderly and their family members to search caregiving providers who can provide smart medication management service.

The venture will collaborate with caregiving providers, such as social welfare organisations, day care centres and healthcare service providers, and offer them training in smart medication management. Trained caregivers will provide smart medication management service to the elderly patients, including putting the medicine in MedPOT and setting reminders for patients to take the right pills at the right time. Thus, with the smart medication management service, the risk of a patient missing the medication or taking the wrong medicine can be reduced.

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MEDPOT Limited

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