Shared Value initiative

The Shared Value initiative is launched to encourage businesses to implement innovative business plans that create business value and social impact at the same time

The SIE Fund, as a catalyst for social innovation in Hong Kong, connects our community with different sectors, including businesses, NGOs, academics and philanthropies to create social impact through innovative solutions that address poverty and social exclusion.


For the business sector, social innovation involves putting to market new products, services, practices and strategies that offer solutions to meet social needs. “Shared Value” is created for both the company and the society when a company applies its assets and skills to innovative projects that bring business return while simultaneously advancing the economic, environmental and social conditions in the communities in which it operates.


The Fund encourages corporations to apply the Creating Shared Value (CSV) approach in their business strategies for addressing social needs while exploring new business opportunities.


Innovation is central to the CSV approach. To encourage and support businesses to implement innovative ideas, the SIE Fund is embarking on a “Shared Value initiative” with activities being launched in stages.


  • Stage 1: Shared Value Forum (held on 9 September 2015)
  • Stage 2: CSV Workshops (held from September to November 2015)
  • Stage 3: Coaching for CSV Business Plan Development
  • Stage 4: Finalising and Launching Initiatives


The Fund expects to have one to two CSV business plans being implemented by participating companies after stage 4.


More details can be found at the Shared Value initiative website.