Capacity Building Initiatives

Through initiatives in Capacity Building, we strive to foster the development of the social innovation ecosystem, the work of which includes nurturing social entrepreneurs, augmenting the capacity of the sector, facilitating cross-sector collaboration, as well as enhancing public awareness and understanding of social innovation and entrepreneurship.

While the intermediaries have taken forward their capacity building programmes, a number of initiatives have also been launched or supported by the Fund.



Shared Value Initiatives

The Fund encourages corporations to apply the Creating Shared Value (CSV) approach in their business strategies for addressing social needs while exploring new business opportunities. We kick-started our initiatives with a forum in 2015, followed by three workshops. A second forum and a series of activities have been launched in 2017.

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Food Support Flagship Project

The Food Support Flagship Project aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall food support service in Hong Kong. St. James' Settlement, as the intermediary for the Project, has launched the FOOD-CO platform in May 2017 for different stakeholders of the sector to coordinate information sharing on the demand and supply of food items and related services.

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SI CEO Competition for Tertiary Students

The SI CEO Competition for Tertiary Students co-organised with was launched in August 2016. Students were invited to develop and implement innovative business plans to tackle social issues, specifically around elderly care, food support and social inclusion. 

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Social Innovation Jam roadshows

To showcase the winning ideas of Social Innovation Video Competition, a series of roadshow was held from April to May and September to November 2015 in shopping malls and tertiary institutions.

Social Innovation Video Competition

The Social Innovation Video Competition co-hosted by the Fund and was organised in 2014-15 school year to arouse students' awareness and invite ideas for poverty alleviation. Talks, workshops, guided tours and a contest were held to inspire thoughts and actions.

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Hong Kong Social Innovators

As part of the work to nurture new generations of social entrepreneurs, the “HK Social Innovators” (HKSI) was launched in May 2016 at the SIE Fund website. It features seasoned and budding social innovators with the aim of inspiring new ideas and encouraging a wider participation in social innovation. A weekly column was also launched on am730 by which HKSIs share their thoughts and aspirations.

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Social Entrepreneurship School Education Programme

Having been funded by the SIE Fund since September 2015, the Programme is jointly run by the Fullness Social Enterprises Society Limited and the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It aims to enrich the understanding of secondary school teachers and students on social innovation and entrepreneurship as sustainable solutions to social problems.

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Social Innovation Design Lab

Launched by Enable Foundation Limited in 2017, it is a training programme that aims to train young designers to become enablers for social innovation in Hong Kong. The Programme will be conducted through engaging young designers to co-create with senior citizens, community groups, service providers and design professionals to address three social issues in Hong Kong, namely Fine Dying, Dementia Going and Productive Ageing.

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