The objectives of conducting research are to identify capabilities, opportunities and needs; understand models and best practices for promoting social innovation and entrepreneurship and key success factors in social impact assessment / corporate governance, etc. The research findings will help identify social issues, facilitate the formulation of strategies and provide the foundation for the establishment of a solution bank.



Applied Research Projects

The SIE Find is supporting the Chinese University of Hong Kong to conduct four applied research projects, the results of which will help the underprivileged overcome the hurdles of community integration. A Chinese learning platform for ethnic minority students, an online databank explaining medical concepts in sign language using video clips and written Chinese for the hearing impaired, a self-management program for people with mild neurocognitive disorder to live healthily, and robot drama therapy for children with autism spectrum disorder will be developed.  More details will be released in due course.

Landscape Study on Gerontechnology and Innovation in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service was engaged to conduct the study which aimed to collect the views of stakeholders on the subject, enhance their understanding, and stimulate thoughts as to how to make use of innovation and technology to meet the current and future demand for elderly care and to tap the new opportunities.

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Evaluation Study on the SIE Fund

Conducted by The University of Hong Kong and commenced in March 2016, the Study will examine the Fund's overall performance in terms of both financial and non-financial impacts, the impact of intermediaries and of projects and initiatives funded or supported by the Fund. The findings will show how well the Fund has been achieving its objectives and be used as reference for future development. More details will be provided once available.