Priority Work

Research, Capacity Building

and Innovative Programmes

With a view to building up an ecosystem for nurturing social entrepreneurs to generate innovative ideas to support poverty relief in Hong Kong, the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund) will accord priority to initiatives that will support three components that contribute to the development of a broad base for social innovation and entrepreneurship, namely Research, Capacity Building and Innovative Programmes –



  1. Undertaking or commissioning research to better identify areas of needs;

    Capacity Building 

  3. Establishing or supporting schemes to reach into the community to spread awareness of social innovation and entrepreneurship, to encourage individuals to enter the field;
  4. Establishing or supporting networks among bodies engaged in the field of social innovation and entrepreneurship to help build capacity and co-ordination across the field;
  5. Establishing or supporting schemes to provide mentorship for aspiring social entrepreneurs;
  6. Building networks that help connect aspiring social entrepreneurs with partners, finance or other support mechanisms;

    Innovative Programmes 

  8. Supporting existing mechanisms to provide seed or scale-up funding for innovative social entrepreneurs;
  9. Establishing new funding mechanisms to support innovative social entrepreneurs that fill the gaps or complement existing programmes; and
  10. Funding suitable projects that meet the objectives of the Fund.