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Bamboos - We Grow by Sharing Quality of Life


We Grow by Sharing Quality of Life

Hong Kong is aging – and fast, resulting in a sharp increase in the city’s elderly population. While some of the elderly population reside in nursing homes, most of them prefer to stay in their own homes. This means that an increasing number of people are requiring round-the-clock professional care.

Jacky Kwan, Chairman of Bamboos Health Care Holdings Limited (Bamboos), recognised that this demand was only going to grow. In 2009, he launched Bamboos to provide patients with the best services and strategic healthcare staffing solutions, meeting the different needs of the communities. As Bamboos grew, the company was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2014.

Shared Value for Business and Community

With the aim of building a healthier community and maintaining the highest standards of care for clients, Bamboos devotes substantial effort and resources to advance the quality of health care personnel. This is done though training, as well as increasing awareness about health issues through healthcare seminars and press conferences.

There are currently over 17 000 registered personnel working under Bamboos, and around 80% of them are actually new to the healthcare sector and a large proportion come from low-income backgrounds. Bamboos’ tailored training enables the registered personnel to find better-paid jobs and achieve their career goals, whilst improving the quality of patients’ lives. Currently, they serve about 3 000 families and organisations everyday. Of the 3 000 assignments, more than half involve providing private elderly care to people who would otherwise be in nursing homes. The remaining assignments help alleviate staff shortages in the public healthcare system.

To supplement training courses, Bamboos offers regular free healthcare seminars to registered personnel and the public. These are given by industry experts, ensuring that the registered personnel are armed with the latest knowledge in medical treatments and products to share with patients, as well as serving as public education to the rest of the community, and enhancing the reputation of the company.

Bamboos also produces a monthly magazine, “BamBoOs! Life”, focusing on medical and healthcare information, targeting healthcare professionals and members of the general public looking for a healthier lifestyle. The columnists consist of well-established professionals from a variety of industries and backgrounds, who provide insightful updates on healthcare development, social hot topics and healthy living.

Bamboos is able to generate multiple revenue streams, such as advertisement placements in their magazine, and renting out some of their office space and facilities for miscellaneous purposes. Every initiative and project creates value for both the business and the community, feeding back to the company and extending the impact further.

Bamboos is proud of how they are serving the interests of both their shareholders and the community. “The best way to balance our responsibility to the general public and investors is to convey that making profits and contributing to the community is not mutually exclusive, but rather, a win-win situation,” said Jacky Kwan.