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26 Feb 2018 Mr Mark Kramer How will Hong Kong profit from a purpose-driven economy? (Hong Kong Business) [English only]
26 Feb 2018 Mr Richard Welford Shared Value: The word is out… but we need to shout louder (Harbour Times) [English only]
15 Feb 2018 Mr Ben Johnson Impacting 1 billion lives with innovative technology (Enterprise Innovation) [English only]
1 Feb 2018 Dr Kee Chi Hing 新興的創造共享價值–如何達到商業效益 (Capital Weekly) [Only published in print] [Chinese only]
29 Jan 2018 Mr Wilson Fung 月理萬機——機場創造共享價值 (Headline Daily) [Also published in print] [Chinese only]
25 Jan 2018 Dr Kee Chi Hing 名家筆陣:商社共享齊得益 (Oriental Daily News) [Also published in print] [Chinese only]
24 Jan 2018 Mr Francis Ngai 企業創共享價值 賺錢兼贏掌聲 (HKET Opinion) [Also published in print]
[Same article titled '賺錢、慈善一齊做「共享價值」有商機' has been published on HK01 on 14 Jan 2018] [Chinese only]
14 Dec 2017 Professor Stephen Cheung How Hong Kong’s MTR Corp and other companies can profit from meeting a social need (SCMP)
[Same article titled 'How business can profit all' has been published in print] [English only]
13 Dec 2017 Ms Isabella Lau Shared Value: A win-win for businesses and communities (Enterprise Innovation) [English only]
18 Nov 2017 Mr Stephen Wong 共享價值 (iMoney) [Only published in print ] [Chinese only]
27 Oct 2017 Mr Stan Tang 針對社會需要 創造共享價值 (AM730) [Chinese only]
20 Oct 2017 Ms Wendy Tse 黐了線的公司 [Chinese only]
17 Oct 2017 羅氏集團首創一條龍創業企劃 為社區創造共享價值 (Capital Hong Kong) [Chinese only]
28 Sep 2017 Mr Jacky Kwan 神耆商機——衍生投醫療服務創「共享價值」 (Headline Daily) [Chinese only]
27 Sep 2017 「共享價值︰締造競爭優勢」論壇 探討如何創造共享價值 (Linuxpilot) [Chinese only]
22 Sep 2017 景宜:從生活細節發掘共享價值 (Think Hong Kong) [Chinese only]
22 Sep 2017 Hong Kong holds Shared Value forum focused on creating competitive advantage (Public Affairs Asia) [English only]
22 Sep 2017 「共享價值︰締造競爭優勢」論壇 逾二百本港商界領袖參與 (ITPRO) [Chinese only]
21 Sep 2017 Solving social problems can be profitable: Promoting shared value in Hong Kong (Harbour Times) [English only]
8 Sep 2017 社創基金再獲9000萬推共享營商 (Wen Wei Po) [Also published in print] [Chinese Only]
8 Sep 2017 工廈翻新廉租 支持初企創業 (Ta Kung Pao) [Also published in print] [Chinese Only]
8 Sep 2017 社創基金第二屆「共享價值」論壇 (Capital Magazine) [Chinese Only]
7 Sep 2017 社創基金「共享價值」論壇 研商業方式解決社會問題 (HKET TOPick) [Chinese Only]
7 Sep 2017 社創基金再申9,000萬推創新 小組主席:Uber爭議可解決 (HK01) [Chinese Only]
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