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SIE Fund has contributed to alleviation of poverty and social exclusion through the unique approaches of facilitating cross-sectoral collaboration and leveraging the social capital of intermediaries.
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Social Innovation in Action

We support innovative projects of different forms and at various stages of development for preventing and alleviating poverty and social exclusion, promoting social integration and enhancing people's well-being and cohesion of society.
A total of 373 projects have been funded under Innovative Programmes as of October 2022.

Get Involved

Have an innovative idea? We have engaged intermediaries to administer capacity building programmes and funding schemes. Individuals and organisations with innovative ideas in addressing poverty and social exclusion and wish to seek support for implementation may approach the intermediaries direct.

Be Inspired

Social Innovators come from different walks of life, different generations and have different backgrounds but all share the same empathy for the underprivileged and apply their expertise to drive change for social good. Be inspired by their stories.

Stay Tuned

Social-Inno Box houses videos sharing innovative ideas and telling stories of our work.
Stay tuned to it to keep abreast of our development and innovations that go beyond merely being innovative but tackle social problems.
SIE Fund – Engaging Different Sectors to Deliver Social Impact

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Task Force visits Gerontech and Innovation Expo
Task Force visits Gerontech and Innovation Expo
The SIE Fund Task Force visited the Gerontech and Innovation Expo earlier to keep abreast of the latest development of gerontechnology and exchange views with practitioners of the sector. The Gerontechnology Platform funded by the SIE Fund was one of the exhibitors in the themed pavilion “Smart City Smart Service” where the work and achievements of the Platform were introduced to the public.  Details
Encouraging elderly to explore new things
Elderly people can be active and energetic. John Cheung set up “KOElderly” to train elderly people as “key opinion leaders” (KOLs) who will explore new things and share their new experiences through videos on social media platforms, thereby encouraging other elderly to develop their interest and refuting the stereotypes about ageing.  Details
Accompanying youths with intellectual disabilities to create wonders
Founders of "StarUp Wonders" Andy Cheng and Jade Tsang believe youths with intellectual disabilities are all talented. Their project provides training in art for the youths who will then be able to broaden their horizons, integrate into society and make their parents proud.  Details
HKSI_Professor Catherine So
Pioneering robot-based intervention for autism
As an insightful, innovative, passionate and empathetic social innovator, Professor Catherine So of The Chinese University of Hong Kong has led her team in developing and introducing robot-based intervention for autism, helping autistic children and supporting their parents.  Details
Media Coverage - fight the virus together
Utilising the power of social innovation to fight the virus together
The SIE Fund brings social innovation into play, connecting different sectors and going hand in hand with Hong Kong people in the fight against the coronavirus that has lasted for more than two years. Since the early stage of the pandemic, the Fund has timely provided funding support for various innovative projects to alleviate the hardship of people in need and those affected, including the grassroots, the elderly, children and people of diverse race, in areas ranging from healthcare, food, living and transport to community participation, education and learning, and others.
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