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SIE Fund has contributed to alleviation of poverty and social exclusion through the unique approaches of facilitating cross-sectoral collaboration and leveraging the social capital of intermediaries.
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Social Innovation in Action

We support innovative projects of different forms and at various stages of development for preventing and alleviating poverty and social exclusion, promoting social integration and enhancing people's well-being and cohesion of society.
A total of 400 projects have been funded under Innovative Programmes as of February 2023.

Get Involved

Have an innovative idea? We have engaged intermediaries to administer capacity building programmes and funding schemes. Individuals and organisations with innovative ideas in addressing poverty and social exclusion and wish to seek support for implementation may approach the intermediaries direct.

Be Inspired

Social Innovators come from different walks of life, different generations and have different backgrounds but all share the same empathy for the underprivileged and apply their expertise to drive change for social good. Be inspired by their stories.

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Social-Inno Box houses videos sharing innovative ideas and telling stories of our work.
Stay tuned to it to keep abreast of our development and innovations that go beyond merely being innovative but tackle social problems.
SIE Fund – Engaging Different Sectors to Deliver Social Impact

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Appointing the third batch of intermediaries
Appointing the third batch of intermediaries
The SIE Fund has appointed Fullness Social Enterprises Society Ltd, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, MakerBay Foundation Limited and Oxfam Hong Kong as the third batch of intermediaries to launch a new round of innovative programmes to provide support for more social entrepreneurs and foster the continuous development of the social innovation ecosystem.  Details
HKSI - Time to Gold
Revitalising traditional snacks; nurturing grassroots lady chefs
Noting that traditional Chinese puddings and the food craftsmanship are fading out, Anita and Celeste founded Time to Gold to recruit pudding chefs to teach grassroots women, passing on the craftsmanship and supporting the women's employment and career development.  Details
HKSI - Queenie Man
Striving to transform elderly services
Queenie Man, the founder of The Project Futurus, utilises her knowledge and experience in brand management to promote softmeals as an option for dignified diets for the elderly and persons with swallowing problems, striving to create an age-positive and supportive environment for the aged and bring transformation to elderly services.  Details
Appointments to SIE Fund Task Force
Appointments to SIE Fund Task Force
The Government announced appointments to the SIE Fund Task Force under the Commission on Poverty for a term of one and a half years from 1 January 2023 to 30 June 2024. Membership list of the SIE Fund Task Force is available here
Task Force visits Wong Tai Sin District Health Centre
Task Force visits Wong Tai Sin District Health Centre
The SIE Fund Task Force visited the Wong Tai Sin District Health Centre to understand the development and needs of district services and how the centre utilises technology to serve the local community.  Details
SIE Fund participates in Social Enterprise Summit
SIE Fund participates in Social Enterprise Summit
The SIE Fund participated in the Social Enterprise Summit to exhibit its works and achievements and held the Young Entrepreneur Showcase on the third day to feature 32 funded projects established by young social entrepreneurs, enabling the public to understand more about the innovative ideas and aspirations of the project founders.  Details
FOOD-CO Partners’ Recognition Ceremony
FOOD-CO Partners’ Recognition Ceremony
Launched in 2017, SIE Fund’s food support flagship project FOOD-CO has brought significant enhancement to the efficiency of Hong Kong’s food support services. To honour the project’s partners, St. James’ Settlement, the intermediary of FOOD-CO, organised “The Partners’ Recognition Ceremony” on 21 November 2022. Officiating at the ceremony, the Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry Professor Sun Dong remarked that he was glad to see donor organisations and partners getting together to share the delight of the project’s achievements and the SIE Fund continuing to promote the use of technology to create social value.  Details
Task Force visits Gerontech and Innovation Expo
Task Force visits Gerontech and Innovation Expo
The SIE Fund Task Force visited the Gerontech and Innovation Expo earlier to keep abreast of the latest development of gerontechnology and exchange views with practitioners of the sector. The Gerontechnology Platform funded by the SIE Fund was one of the exhibitors in the themed pavilion “Smart City Smart Service” where the work and achievements of the Platform were introduced to the public.  Details
Encouraging elderly to explore new things
Elderly people can be active and energetic. John Cheung set up “KOElderly” to train elderly people as “key opinion leaders” (KOLs) who will explore new things and share their new experiences through videos on social media platforms, thereby encouraging other elderly to develop their interest and refuting the stereotypes about ageing.  Details