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SIE Fund has contributed to alleviation of poverty and social exclusion through the unique approaches of facilitating cross-sectoral collaboration and leveraging the social capital of intermediaries.
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Social Innovation in Action

We support innovative projects of different forms and at various stages of development for preventing and alleviating poverty and social exclusion, promoting social integration and enhancing people's well-being and cohesion of society.
A total of 274 projects have been funded under Innovative Programmes as of August 2021.

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Have an innovative idea? We have engaged intermediaries to administer capacity building programmes and funding schemes. Individuals and organisations with innovative ideas in addressing poverty and social exclusion and wish to seek support for implementation may approach the intermediaries direct.

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Social Innovators come from different walks of life, different generations and have different backgrounds but all share the same empathy for the underprivileged and apply their expertise to drive change for social good. Be inspired by their stories.

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Social-Inno Box houses videos sharing innovative ideas and telling stories of our work.
Stay tuned to it to keep abreast of our development and innovations that go beyond merely being innovative but tackle social problems.
SIE Fund – Engaging Different Sectors to Deliver Social Impact

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Hong Kong Social Innovators
Fostering inclusion through sign bilingualism
Prof. Gladys Tang, Chairperson, Board of Directors of "SLCO Community Resources", pointed out that deaf persons dislike being stereotyped as disabled or hearing impaired and everyone can learn sign language. She and her team strive to promote sign bilingualism, aiming to enhance public awareness to foster deaf-hearing inclusiveness in society.  Details
Invitation of Funding Proposals
Invitation of Funding Proposals for Enhancing the Capability and Interest of the Elderly in Learning and Adopting Digital Technologies with Participation/Employment of the Youth
Given the intensifying usage of digital products to receive instant information and maintain close connection with the society amid the novel coronavirus epidemic, the elderly, who generally have lower digital literacy, have become more isolated and vulnerable. Meanwhile, more and more young people who are in general well-versed in digital technologies have become unemployed or underemployed under the epidemic. The SIE Fund is inviting funding proposals for enhancing the capability and interest of the elderly in learning and adopting digital technologies with participation/engagement of the youth. The deadline for submission of proposals is 31 May 2021.  Details
Appointment of intermediary for Gerontechnology Platform
Appointment of intermediary to design, develop and operate Gerontechnology Platform
The SIE Fund has appointed a collaborative coalition of ten organisations led by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service as an intermediary to design, develop and operate an inclusive Gerontechnology Platform. The Gerontechnology Platform is the second flagship project of the Fund with the aim of fostering the development and application of gerontechnology to enhance the well-being of the elderly, particularly under the "new normal". Please refer to the press release for further details.