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SIE Fund has contributed to alleviation of poverty and social exclusion through the unique approaches of facilitating cross-sectoral collaboration and leveraging the social capital of intermediaries.
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Social Innovation in Action

We support innovative projects of different forms and at various stages of development for preventing and alleviating poverty and social exclusion, promoting social integration and enhancing people's well-being and cohesion of society.
A total of 188 projects have been funded under Innovative Programmes as of September 2020.

Get Involved

Have an innovative idea? We have engaged intermediaries to administer capacity building programmes and funding schemes. Individuals and organisations with innovative ideas in addressing poverty and social exclusion and wish to seek support for implementation may approach the intermediaries direct.

Be Inspired

Social Innovators come from different walks of life, different generations and have different backgrounds but all share the same empathy for the underprivileged and apply their expertise to drive change for social good. Be inspired by their stories.

Stay Tuned

Social-Inno Box houses videos sharing innovative ideas and telling stories of our work.
Stay tuned to it to keep abreast of our development and innovations that go beyond merely being innovative but tackle social problems.
Sowers’ tales - social entrepreneurs make a difference with SIE Fund's support

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Hong Kong Social Innovator - Dawning Leung
Fostering inclusion by audio description
By promoting audio description services, Dr Dawning Leung, the founder of Audio Description Association (Hong Kong), aims to help persons with visual impairment enjoy equal rights to take part in cultural and outdoor activities just as their sighted counterparts do, realising what she sees as true equality and inclusion for the visually impaired.  Read more...
HK’s first Pay-for-Success project launched
HK’s first Pay-for-Success project launched
With the SIE Fund assuming the role of Commissioner, the first Pay-for-Success project in Hong Kong was launched by Oxfam Hong Kong. The project, namely "Start from the Beginning - Chinese Supporting Scheme for Non-Chinese Speaking Students (NCS) in Kindergarten", seeks to help NCS kindergarten students improve their Chinese proficiency and learning motivation and enhance kindergarten teachers' capability of teaching NCS students Chinese, thereby relieving the poverty and social exclusion issues of NCS students in the long run.  Read more...
Recruiting a consultant for the Second Evaluation Study
Recruiting a consultant for the Second Evaluation Study
The SIE Fund has hired consultancy service for conducting an evaluation study of the Fund since 2016. The service will complete in end 2020. It is decided to conduct the second study to continue to assess the impacts created by the Fund in the social innovation space and define the Fund’s role in poverty alleviation and enhancement of social inclusion. The Fund is now inviting proposals from interested parties to act as the consultant to conduct the Second Evaluation Study of the SIE Fund. Proposals from entities established in Hong Kong are welcome.  Read more...
Hong Kong Social Innovator - Anthea Lee
Empowering the marginalised to become social innovators
Anthea Lee, Chief Executive of The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong, sees many in the marginalised communities as “unpolished gemstones”. The Society provides training, mentorship and a network to help them partake in social innovation and become “co-creators” in building an inclusive and safe society.  Read more...
Hong Kong Social Innovator - Trac Ng
Knowledge passed on to social entrepreneurs
Tracy Ng, Chief Executive of Fullness Social Enterprises Society, is knowledgeable about project management. She and the Society's Chair and senior members provide training on social entrepreneurship by which knowledge is passed on to young social entrepreneurs. Check out how Tracy contributes to the social innovation space. 
Fourth term Task Force assumes office
Fourth term Task Force to assume office
on 1 July
The government has announced the membership of the new term of the SIE Fund Task Force with an office term running from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2022.  Read more...
New rounds of Innovative Programmes launched
New rounds of Innovative Programmes launched
New rounds of initiatives under the Innovative Programmes are being launched following the successful appointment of four organisations as the second batch of intermediaries recently. The programmes cater to different development stages of ventures by nurturing and supporting social innovators to develop innovative projects with diversity and impact. Please refer to the press release for further details. Programme details can be found here
Appointment of SRACP as intermediary
Appointment of SRACP as an intermediary to run a new innovative programme
The SIE Fund has recently appointed the Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong (SRACP) as an intermediary to design and administer a brand new innovative programme “BEHub”. Under the programme, any eligible individuals or organisations that have innovative and sustainable ideas in alleviating poverty and social exclusion faced by the disadvantaged population in Hong Kong may apply for a grant from the SIE Fund to turn their ideas into social innovation projects. SRACP is now preparing for the launch of the programme in September 2020.