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We support innovative ventures of different forms and stages for poverty-alleviation and prevention of social exclusion. 
A total of 142 ventures have been funded through programmes administered by the intermediaries as of December 2018.

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Have an innovative idea? We have engaged intermediaries to administer capacity building programmes and funding schemes. Individuals and organisations with innovative ideas in addressing poverty and social exclusion and wish to seek support for implementation may approach the intermediaries direct.

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Social Innovators come from different walks of life, different generations and have different background but all share the same empathy for the underprivileged and apply their expertise to drive change for social good. Be inspired by their stories.

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Social-Inno Box houses videos sharing innovative ideas and telling stories of our work.
Stay tuned to it to keep abreast of our development and innovations that go beyond merely being innovative but tackle social problems.
Shared Value: Creating Competitive Advantage

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We gather information on events in Hong Kong relating to social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Take part in them to build your network, enhance your capacity and be equipped to start your own innovative venture.
Symposium - Education for a Complex Future
"One from Hundred Thousand" Symposium - Education for a Complex Future

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Hong Kong Social Innovators-mosi mosi
In:visible Wallet: A design for social inclusion
Comma Leung has a special sense in observing and a heart to help others. She decided to give the visually-disabled a hand, using what she learned in design. Read how she set up Mosi Mosi Design Lab and invented the In:visible Wallet to help the visually-disabled overcome barriers in daily life. Details...
Innovative Programmes
Final call: funding application for innovative projects
The last round of application under HKCSS’ Impact Incubator will end on 31 March 2019. Funding application by innovative projects will be closed for the time being until the launch of Innovation Programmes by the new batch of intermediaries. Act now if you have innovative ideas for tackling social problems. Details...
Hong Kong Social Innovators-Jan
Entrepreneurs inspired by family member in developing a smart cane
STICKu is a cane of versatility which owes its origin to the experience of a family member of one of the co-creators. Read the the entrepreneurial story behind it at "Hong Kong Social Innovator". More stories about HKSIs...
Invitation for New Batch of Intermediaries
Invitation for new batch of intermediaries
The SIE Fund is inviting proposals from interested parties to apply for the role of intermediaries for designing and administering Innovative Programmes to nurture and incubate social innovators or ventures of different forms and at different stages of development. Read more...
Innovative Programmes-Dec
More innovative ventures coming on stream
Intermediaries' programmes continue to bear fruit. As of December 2018, a total of 142 innovative ventures have been approved. Collectively, they provide diverse products and services to meet the needs of the underprivileged. More details can be found at the Innovative Programmes section. 
Hong Kong Social Innovators-Dec
An information platform with users' needs in mind
How to provide a better service for persons with special needs? Dennis Cho, the founder of Free Guider, recruits a team of disabled employees to review barrier-free facilities to assure that advice on the online information platform is authentic and helpful. More stories about HKSIs...
Funded Ventures Oct 2018
More innovative ventures to address diverse needs
The number of innovative ventures continues to grow. As of October 2018, the SIE Fund has approved 134 ventures through programmes of intermediaries. Visit the Innovative Programmes section for details. 
Hong Kong Social Innovators
Students rescue short-dated food with a supermarket
Unlike any ordinary supermarket, GreenPrice Supermarket aims at rescuing food from the landfills. One of its founders, Terence Hon, enjoys being a student and a social entrepreneur at the same time. Let’s read the story of these young entrepreneurs. More stories about HKSIs...
Piloting Pay-for Success Model
Pay-for-Success (PFS) is an innovative financing model for governments to leverage private investments to improve social outcomes. Striving to catalyse the pilot development of PFS in Hong Kong, the SIE Fund now welcomes the community to submit proposals of pilot PFS projects. More about PFS...
Hong Kong Social Innovators
Young entrepreneurs help SEN students using AR technology
Having known the needs of SEN children, Ernest Chan determined to utilise his knowledge in AR to make a difference. He was joined by Zero Wong. Together they set up a business and work relentlessly to develop learning tools to help SEN children learn more effectively. More stories about HKSIs...