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STAN GROUP - We Grow by Sharing Space and Creating Business Synergies


We Grow by Sharing Space and Creating Business Synergies

Successful entrepreneur Stan Tang founded STAN GROUP in 2015 to bring together businesses he managed under one umbrella. Looking for another challenge, Stan turned his attention to others’ start-ups. When Stan first started his own business he lacked expertise in areas like accounting and legal issues – challenges that most start-ups run up against. He decided the best way to give back to the community was to make use of the Group’s experience and resources to provide resources, space and professional support for start-ups and small businesses to thrive in.

STAN GROUP bought a run-down industrial building in Kwun Tong and revitalised it, turning it into The Wave. The Wave is an integrated business platform and co-working space spread over three floors, housing computer programmers, marketing specialists, production houses and advertising agencies.

Shared Value for Business and Community

Since The Wave’s launch in February 2016, it has helped over 80 start-ups establish their businesses. It provides a great opportunity for users to expand their network and learn from industry experts, creating synergy and new business opportunities for all parties. The space also provides customised solutions and lines up technical services for the start-ups, turning it into a win-win-win situation: the service suppliers make a profit, the start-ups overcome challenges, generating socio-economic impact for our community. At the heart of STAN GROUP is a belief that by empowering these passionate entrepreneurs to realise their business potential, they will be able to help more people in the community while generating profit. As a result of the Shared Value the company has created, The Wave became one of three certified B Corp businesses in Hong Kong. This was awarded on the basis of positive impact on the environment, workers, customers, community and governance – all commitments crucial to a sustainable future.

With the success of The Wave, STAN GROUP is planning to establish a second building in the neighbourhood with the same mission, but catering for a different genre of startups to extend the influence and impact. Traditional commercial businesses adjacent to and within The Wave will only benefit from the opportunities created within the growing ecosystem. The gentrification of Kwun Tong means more than just renovating timeworn buildings; it is about revitalising an old area, and transforming it into Hong Kong’s next creative hub for businesses to come together for greater social good.