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Samsung – Empowering education with technology through Smart School Programme


Samsung’s Shared Value Initiative

As one of the world’s largest information technology (IT) companies, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Samsung) recognises that IT is critical to modernising classrooms and equipping future generations with the necessary knowledge and skills for tomorrow’s success. To fulfil its commitment to creating positive change for people everywhere, Samsung has been striving to create Shared Value in 90 countries through its Smart School Programme, which is built on its education technology expertise.

In Hong Kong, the Samsung Smart School Citizenship Programme supports the government’s Fourth Strategy on IT in Education (ITE4) by offering a complete Samsung e-Learning Set to selected schools for a year at no cost. The Samsung e-Learning Set, each including 22 to 40 Samsung tablets (exact number as per schools’ request) with pre-installed Samsung School Solution software and one multi-function printer, will be gifted to the schools at the end of the programme if they fulfil their commitment to “give back” to the education community. In the 2014/15 school year, the programme facilitated over 3,500 e-learning classes for more than 21,700 students and 67 selected schools in Hong Kong.

Shared Value for Business and Society

As part of its wide range of vertical solutions, Samsung offers a series of education-related products, including Samsung School Solution, which was adopted in the Smart School Programme. The programme not only benefits schools with a free-of-charge opportunity to experiment with advanced e-learning technology, but also helps Samsung broaden its customer base by gaining access to local schools, teachers, parents and students, who are potential customers of its education-related solutions. The real-life applications also add to exemplary case studies that facilitate sales and marketing efforts.

While it is recognised that technology can empower educators with innovative and interactive teaching tools, some schools can be wary of technology innovation due to the lack of resources or experience. In the Samsung Smart School Programme 2014/15, Samsung provided teachers with the training and tools they need to undertake e-learning in classrooms. The training sessions, conducted by Samsung employees and partners, empowered teachers with e-learning knowledge, and enabled the employees and partners to better understand the challenges faced by Hong Kong’s educators. This improved understanding of the education sector has translated into invaluable market intelligence for Samsung.

The programme also established an e-learning peer sharing community, where schools gathered regularly to share their e-learning progress. In 2015, Samsung initiated an Award Scheme to encourage Samsung Smart Schools to share their e-learning experience with other educators and parents. Highly committed schools were awarded with additional e-learning tools to further enhance their classrooms’ digital resources. A survey of participating teachers indicated that 96% of respondents observed enhanced student engagement and learning-teaching experience – a strong testament to Samsung Smart School’s success in empowering teachers with tools, skills and experience and advancing the development of e-learning in Hong Kong. In the 2015/16 school year, Samsung will continue to support Hong Kong’s ITE4 and promote wider adoption of e-learning across local schools.