Why is the SIE Fund organising a forum on Shared Value?
The SIE Fund, as a catalyst for social innovation in Hong Kong, connects businesses, nonprofits, government, academics, philanthropies and the community to drive innovative solutions that address poverty and social exclusion in Hong Kong.

The SIE Fund wishes to share proven case studies of Creating Shared Value (CSV) with business leaders in Hong Kong and start a conversation around how businesses can use their core competencies to provide effective and sustainable solutions to Hong Kong’s pressing social problems.

This first-of-its-kind forum is the start of greater discussion and thought leadership for Hong Kong on the role of business in contributing to societal development. It provides an opportunity for business leaders to discuss how CSV might work in the Hong Kong context, and potential challenges and opportunities.

Ultimately, the SIE Fund strives to facilitate successful examples of CSV and social innovation in Hong Kong.

What are the objectives of this forum?

  1. · Introduce the CSV model to business leaders in Hong Kong
  2. · Demonstrate how businesses can use CSV to expand profitability and competitiveness whilst simultaneously contributing to societal development
  3. · Inspire business leaders to try incorporating CSV and social innovation into all or part of their operations

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