Tang Yiu-sing

Mr Stan Tang Yiu-sing

Personal Profile

An experienced entrepreneur with over ten years of experience in corporate management and property investment, Mr Tang Yiu-sing is the chairman of Stan Group (Holdings) Limited ("Stan Group"). The Group's business operations encompass property development, hotels and F&B, communication services, financial management and The STILE which aims to drive Social, Technology, Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship development of the society.
Being well aware of the challenges the society faces, including education, housing, healthcare, ageing and the environment, Mr Tang sees working together to find meaningful solutions the key to building a better world. This is why Stan Group believes in responsible investing, an approach that begins with understanding the needs of the communities and assessing the Group's mission and vision. When accomplished, the Group can align its business interests with those of different communities and work with partners to make a difference, which is the essence of shared value.
Mr Tang participates actively in a wide range of public services, including serving as Chief Advisor for the Fijian Honorary Consulate in Hong Kong, fostering the governmental-economic relationship of the two places. He is Director of the Hong Kong’s Innovative Entrepreneur Association and put effort into promoting entrepreneurship as well as creativity within the city. As Member of Board of Director, Chairman of the organising committee of the “Community for the Chest” TV show and a member of the Admissions, Budgets and Allocations Committee of The Community Chest of Hong Kong, he dedicates himself to securing the resources required to support communities in need.
Mr Tang writes regularly for local newspapers columns on youth development, local entrepreneurial development and various policy issues.

Expectation towards Social Innovation and the SIE Fund

"Creating shared value is the core of business strategy. Shared value redirects the gaze of corporate, NGO and government leaders, enabling them to see new opportunities for private enterprises to solve public problems. Treating businesses as businesses, and not as charitable donors, and engaging with them directly instead of through public relations, is one of the most powerful forces we have for social progress. The achievements of the SIE Fund over the years are encouraging. I expect SIE Fund to establish additional projects in other districts that cater to the needs of different communities, extending its influence and impact."

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