Tang Ka-piu

Mr Tang Ka-piu


Personal Profile

Mr Tang Ka-piu believes that prevention of poverty is the cornerstone for society’s sustainable development. He grew up in a grassroots family and lived in a public housing unit in Tuen Mun during his childhood. On holidays he would assist his father and worked as a junior cement worker, earning his own living.
Mr Tang graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in sociology. Through writing his graduation thesis on the social course of the homeless in Hong Kong, Mr Tang realised the importance of providing the right service at the right time. After graduation, he worked in the Social Security Branch of the Social Welfare Department, responsible for monitoring the employment of persons receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance. Seeing the policy gap, he then joined the Federation of Trade Unions, aiming to address the structural social problems from working on three fronts, i.e. the district, trade union and council.
While serving as a district councillor, he advanced his study in social work. He has been a fulltime councillor and professional social workers since 2008. He has embarked on community service and empowerment to alleviate poverty at the district level since then. Mr Tang was a Legislative Councillor from 2012 to 2016 where he continued to put his focus on poverty alleviation and serving the grassroots amid the heavy workload. Currently, as a member of the Commission on Poverty, he hopes to be able to contribute to frontline work of poverty alleviation by making good use of the resources and with prudence.

Expectation towards Social Innovation and the SIE Fund

"The Government needs to be innovative, especially in aspects including consolidating the social welfare schemes, streamlining the application procedures, tracking the poverty index and its effectiveness using big data analytics, as well as formulating policies to support people who are marginally eligible for social security such as the self-employed."
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