Inter-generational Digital Inclusion

The SIE Fund has funded four innovative projects seeking to promote inter-generational digital inclusion by engaging young people to, through employment or volunteer work, make good use of their digital knowledge to help the elderly increase their understanding and adoption of digital technologies, and at the same time foster inter-generational harmony and enhance social cohesion.


Launched by the Harmony Garden Lutheran Centre for the Elderly, the project combines digital technologies with occupational therapy. Unemployed youth will be trained as gerontechnology instructors to learn how to apply gerontechnology products to provide rehabilitation services for the elderly. After training, they will provide “digital outreach rehabilitation services” to the elderly with the aid of gerontechnology products to enhance the elderly’s interest in using gerontechnology. Gerontechnology instructors will also provide training plan combining gerontechnology and occupational therapy to frail elderly to improve their physical and psychological development. A "Digital Technology Rehabilitation Database" on the use of gerontechnology products will be set up for public reference. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University will conduct action research on the impact of the project on upgrading the quality of life of the elderly and enhancing the self-efficacy of the youth.  Read more

Digital SAY (Seniors and Youth)

Launched by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Youth Employment Network, the project recruits and trains young people to form a “Digital Caring Team”. Through home visits or visits to elderly centres, the team will train the elderly to use digital technologies to improve their physical health, enhance their cognitive abilities, receive entertainment, etc. A social network “Happy Internet Club” will also be formed among the elderly. In addition, career guidance service will be provided to the young participants in the projects.  Read more

Model and Capacity Building for Intergenerational Digital Literacy Training for Older Adults in Hong Kong

The project is launched by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Research Centre for Gerontology and Family Studies. The digital training and immersive extracurricular learning activities for the older adults under this project is theory-based with content co-designed with stakeholders. Apart from usual classroom training, cognitive and memory training, as well as immersion activities will be provided to the older adults, including engaging the trainees to volunteer and introduce digital products to their fellow older adults. Young people will be engaged to provide various assistance under the project. For example, they will co-work with the older adults to document the latter’s learning experience via multimedia in an activity that fosters intergenerational communication. The effectiveness of the model of the project will be evaluated and validated throughout the project period, with the aim of formulating an intergenerational digital training model for the older adults. The training model will eventually be shared with the whole sector so as to build the capacity of different stakeholders in addressing the challenges of an ageing society.  Read more


Launched by the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council Ltd, the project comprises four major components, namely “Digital Satellite Centre”, “Digital Mobile Classroom”, “Digital City Adventure” and “Co-creation of Digital Life”.  “Digital Satellite Centre” will provide digital technology training and technical support to the elderly. Trained youth will become “Digital Ambassadors” to offer assistance to the elderly during the digital training classes. “Digital Mobile Classroom” will reach out to the elderly living in remote areas and provide them with onsite technical support and practical knowledge of digital technologies. Young people will cooperate with the elderly in “Digital City Adventure” to complete missions in the city with the aid of mobile applications. Besides, they will be paired up with the elderly in “Co-creation of Digital Life” to make use of design thinking to co-create solutions that would enhance the digital lives of the elderly.  Read more